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MicroSafe provides specialized care for the following brands. You can choose from the options bellow for dedicated service:
APC Adobe HP (printing) HP (networks)
Microsoft Lenovo HP (PCs and servers) HP (storage)

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Before you send us a message, here are some answers for the most frequently asked questions
  • IT Resellers: MicroSafe is an IT Reseller accredited by the leading manufacturers in the market, with exclusive service for the end customer (individual or company). Other IT resellers are restricted to online purchases through our website. Read our resellers's service policy
  • Working hours: Monday to friday from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.
  • How to make a purchase: Detailed instructions can be found here
  • Public biddings: We do not take part in Brazilian public biddings.
  • Credit cards: We accept payment by credit cards issued in Brazil (at this time, unfortunately, we are unable to process foreign credit cards), only on selected items from our website, through (a PayPal equivalent, in Brazil). Search for the desired product on our website, and click it to check if it has the PagSeguro logo on its description page. To learn more about PagSeguro itself, click here
  • PC Integration: We only work with PCs and servers from HP, Lenovo and several leading brands, therefore we do not provide setup or assembly of PCs and servers from parts of other manufacturers
  • Drivers, medias, Manuals: Requests for drivers, medias, software or any accompanying items of printers, computers, and other peripherals need to be made directly to the manufacturer of your equipment. MicroSafe does not have these files
  • Parts and components: We do not work with technical assistance, and therefore although we work with memories, cartridges and printheads, we do not sell internal operation parts of printers and computer parts, such as coils, belts, logic circuits, etc
  • Price catalog: Our price catalog is fully online on our website. We do not provide this table for downloading nor do we send it by email
  • General Local support and warranty policies: All of our products are from original manufacturers and have prices in Brazilian Real (R$), with all taxes included. All products sold by MicroSafe have their support and warranty policies provided and carried in Brazil. Unless otherwise stated, all products have a 1-year warranty